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Brand Recognition Through Social Media Strategies

Publishing content online is easy, in fact it is so easy that most businesses forget the real reason they are putting content online. Creating brand awareness and using social media to promote growth is the primary objective in publishing content about your business.

The business potential of using social networking to improve your brand's recognition is paramount to your success online. The fact that the internet is a very competitive arena, you may find it increasingly difficult to get your brand or name recognized online. Creating brand awareness requires an engaging social campaign included with your normal website promotion.

Every bit of content and the words you employ should be directed towards your brand's message, your targeted goals and your ultimate SEO objectives. Although this may sound complicated, it really is an easy approach. Utilizing a consistency in the elaboration and implementation of your content by engaging social media.

In other words, your businesses tone of voice needs to consistently say what it is about your business that makes you, YOU! In a subtle manner, the tone of your business can communicate the personality of your brand. Separating your business from the growing number of competitors on sites such as Facebook, Google Places and Pinterest can become a chore. However, identifying and distinctively promoting your brand and the benefits of your brand can push you to the front of the line in social media.

For example, if your business is a service industry, such as carpet cleaning, how does SEQ marketing promote and build your brand? Our first step is to ensure you have a logo or a name that can be branded. (Don't worry if you do not have a Logo, we will draft one for you). Once you have decided on the logo and name you want to brand, we then begin by associating it in a consistent manner with the service you provide.

Therefore, in the Carpet Cleaning example, we associate your logo and company name with the keywords relevant to carpet cleaning. By pushing content towards social media sites, search engines, PR news sources and other relevant websites, we are able to begin your brand awareness campaign.

Creating Brand Awareness and Recognition

A continued release of content and promotion will keep your brand name and logo in the spotlight. Ultimately this creates TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness), so consumers will recognize your logo and brand name when they search for or see your relevant keywords. Overall, the language we use on sharing services such as Twitter or blogging platforms like Tumblr is designed to educate and inform the consumer about your product, service, brand and name.

Although most social media networks are designed for individuals, it is a great place to generate interest in your products or services. Getting people to talk about your brand is the ultimate goal in marketing your brand and creating awareness or recognition of your business. Therefore, it is vital to be authentic, approachable, inclusive, expressive, and to keep your ears open, just as you would with any conversation.

Within these boundaries, SEQ marketing develops your brand's voice by looking at it as a personality rather than a company. Engaging your customers and presenting your brand will pique their interest in your services or products. By drawing upon your existing business 'message', SEQ finds ways to translate your brand's identity into words that appeal to consumers.

Depending on your type of business, SEQ can market the quality points in several different ways. For example, food businesses appeal to the eye and taste, while a carpet cleaning business will appeal to the virtues of household cleanliness, while a salon would appeal to the potential of improving one's beauty.

Altogether, One of the greatest appeals of social media as a communication tool is that consumers have direct contact with their brands of choice. Once customers have become familiar with your brand, they likely will promote it further. Making your brand inviting and appropriately geared toward your target audience, encourages people to engage with your company and tell others about your brand.

Your Brand Online

SEQ Marketing takes pride in promoting your business through all of our successful channels. Marketing your brand with content syndication, social media, keyword reasearch and social sites geared towards your business is our top priority. Let our experts brand you and make the community aware of your brand, logo and business.
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